Know Your Customer- Creating the Customer Avatar

The first session of Digital Marketing internship has been quite amazing and here we are, expectations on top, with positive aplomb and lots of enthusiasm for the next one.

Nobody is perfect. Over the course of time, we can get confidence in writing skills.

Marketing is about a good conversation. If we can not converse 1:1, we can not converse 1: many well enough. Being authentic is the best way to become a good communicator.

If we have to communicate with the customer, we need to understand our audience. We need to carve out a niche for better audience building. We need to talk to people in our field. This is known as creating customer Avatar.

How to define the target customer:

In order to understand our target customers, we need to understand demographics and Psychographics.

  1. Demographics: Demographics is basically age, location, etc.
  2. Psychographics: Psychographics is basically about the interests, likes, dislikes of a particular set of people.

Connect with the audience on a 1:1 basis because everyone is alone with their device. We need to understand the pain points of our target audience and pitch them solutions accordingly. Hence using email and messaging as a medium becomes very important.

Who is a better marketer?

A marketer amateur in knowing and understanding his target audience is a better marketer. So to become a good marketer, learn more, travel more and do new things all the time.

How to communicate better?

  1. Call people by their first name, build rapport with them and write content as if we are communicating with our best friend.
  2. Co-operating them in their thought processes such as :
  3. How can I get treatment for Diabetes using Ayurvedic therapy?
  4. How can I iterate the content that I have read so far?
  5. Defining the target audience, understand their needs, talking to them on a regular basis through positive vibes and interactions.

When you do all this, people feel they know you when you meet them personally.

Assignment of the week: Create the customer Avatar for your niche:

We need to communicate and nurture the audience based on customer avatar because when you try everything for everyone, you will be no one to anyone.

Deepak used data compilation to show us how to create a customer avatar using different parameters.

Example: Age, location, Devices, Operating system, Education, what are their likes and dislikes.

Meanwhile, Deepak broached a statement that’s very important to everyone:

“Awkwardness is an indicator of learning.”

There was a lot of awkwardness in writing an article and sharing it on social media.

So Deepak shared a generic template to create a google form to get data from the target audience. Further, he asked us to compile data and create a customer avatar.

Here is the result of the customer avatar survey after brainstorming with a couple of colleagues :

Biman Hazarika is a 30-year-old Post Graduate in Healthcare Management living in Guwahati, Assam. He is worried about getting a good job in the corporate industry and is looking forward to preparing for interviews to get a good job.

He spends 5 hours daily watching motivational videos on YouTube and a few hours in Yoga and Meditation.

He makes Rs.1 -2 lakh per annum as a Service engineer for Small scale biomedical firms.

He is fond of Seafood and curry. Kerala Hut is his favorite restaurant to spend time and has a feast on good food.

He loves spending time with his family and friends. He likes traveling to ritual places and he is an Introvert in nature.

His biggest achievement is passing an MBA in Healthcare management from symbiosis International University.

He likes playing chess and watching movies. Shawshank Redemption is his favorite movie.

So After Completing this exercise of defining Customer Avatar, I have got more knowledge and insights on my target audience. This has helped me in striking marketing communication with the right audience and understand their Psychographics as well as Demographics.

I am looking forward to a few more exciting chapters in implementing integrated digital marketing in the future.

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