Importance of SEO in Business Development

SEO basically stands for Search Engine Optimization. The primary goal of SEO is to get a website indexed on Google Search Console. Once a website is indexed properly, the next part is positioning. In such a case, it is Important to position a website in the search algorithm in such a manner that it gets views.

There are basically 2 types of SEO: On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO. On-Page SEO deals with content that is in the purview of our own website that helps in improving the ranking of websites. It includes page speed, keywords, internal links, etc. Off-page SEO is basically something that we can not control but something that can help to rank a website. For example, Backlink is a medium for off-page SEO because it connects to a website by an external source.

Whether it’s a small business or a large business, SEO is important for all businesses. This is because the factors included in On-page SEO are the ones that we can manage. Every business has its competitors and it is very essential to get visitors to our businesses with more frequency than the competitors. If we make a judicious investment in SEO, we can garner assets in the form of visibility and profitability of our website.

There are few important factors that affects business:

  • The basic structure of the website in its nascent stage
  • Frequency of visitors on a website
  • Proper keywords that can be ranked on google search console
  • Google Penalty

Businesses can have a direct impact on their competitors. If we have a business in the restaurant industry and we want to rank a keyword “Food and Beverages”, it will be very expensive to rank than a keyword “Paneer masala and buttermilk”. This is because competition on the first keyword is much higher. Hence it will take more time to get it ranked.

In many industries, SEO is a very crucial factor because some of the factors that we can control have a direct influence on ranking. If a brand is new and we want to set a proper domain authority to it, We need to build internal links that would adhere to different pages together. So even after 5 years, a business will definitely get a large number of views because of linkage.

It is also essential to refresh the website on a regular basis by adding more content to a website. This can help in maintaining the relevancy and quality of a website. So even after a business is successful, it is essential to regularly update the website through content addition, judicious investment in advertising and thereby tracking return on investment so as to get a good amount of revenues for the business. This includes getting an edge over the competitors, increase conversions, and generating more sales, more trustworthy customers and growth of a business.

Moreover, best practices and updates are always evolving in the way business functions based on customer behavior, web- user behavioral changes etc. As a business owner, we can always track essential updates by regularly visiting google trends and incorporate changes, as they come along.

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