How to stay calm during outbreak of COVID-19

I’ve been thinking – and I’ve been thinking a lot.

About Coronavirus.

This doesn’t have to do anything with the precautions or measures you need to take. But I do hope, you are trying to not step out of your house and are taking this seriously. It’s not a joke.

This might be weird for you but to be honest, at least once in my mind I’ve had these thoughts,

“What if this situation gets worse and a major population of the earth is washed away?” And “God forbid, but what if I fall in one of those too?”

This feeling, for me, is the closest I’ve felt to death.

As much as it sounds negative – it’s made me think about one thing, you know.

It’s made me reflect back on my life and think about which were the moments that have truly made me happy, which were the days where I was happy that I chose fun over work, which were the ones where I chose work over fun and was equally happy, and also about those days where I think it’d have been better to let petty things go.

Basically, this scenario has somewhere made me Stop and Think – about what, who and which decisions have mattered.

I don’t know once when everything gets back to normal, whether I’ll still be able to hold on to the priorities I can see now. It’s easy to get lost.

But I do know, that’s one thing this pandemic has made me realize. Everything else just feels so irrelevant right now. All the individual agonies, worries and problems. And when death comes, I’m sure it’ll feel the same.

I just wish I’m able to hold on to this realisation and live a more meaningful life when you and I make it to the other side of this dark tunnel.

I do earnestly pray, the situation settles down as soon as possible with the minimum damage done to the human race.

Though I wasn’t supposed to, I won’t be able to end it without urging you to please please stay at home, wash your hands and clothes.

Please do your own research from reliable websites like that of the World Health Organization.

Take Care and Stay Safe.

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