How to build a personal brand from scratch

Let’s understand What is branding?

Branding is the marketing practice that helps companies in creating the perception in the mind of the customer by creating unique names, logo and tag lines for the brands that can be easily recognizable. It helps in identifying and differentiating the product and service of one company to another.

Branding also makes you different from your competitors and emphasize the important value you offer that makes you better in the market.

Usually in traditional market companies spend a huge amount of money on branding through advertisement by assigning the celebrities. It was easy to build personal brands for celebrities. Though it was not a piece of cake for an individual to start and grow a personal brand

But with the evolvement of technology and digital and social platforms, you can fulfill your dream to become a personal brand.

Now, let’s understand what is Personal branding and its importance?

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding helps to promote yourself in a way that others can not. It assists you in showing a combination of talent, passion, skills, and experience to the world that you possess. Personal branding differentiates you from other peoples. Even you can grow your business too unlike others.

Why should we emphasize on personal branding?

Personal branding makes everything 10 times easier and brings more opportunities like-

  • It will add value to your resume and you can easily unlock the doors of corporate sectors.
  • People will recognize you.
  • It helps in getting new customers.
  • It helps in increasing business value.
  • Reach to the investors becomes easy.
  • It makes you different from the crowd.
  • It helps in credibility which leads to more network.
  • Personal branding also helps in finding business partners.

If you are best in something you should explore yourself to the world. If you won’t tell you about yourself how could they get to know about you?

The best and simple way to build your network is to build a brand. We will understand it with the help of a Personal branding funnel.

Funnel for personal branding:

  • Awareness-Create awareness by creating content on different platforms.
  • Credibility- When you work for different clients, they applause your work via testimonials it becomes social proof which creates credibility.
  • Reputation- When you share customer’s testimonial about your work eventually it becomes a reputation that is strong and unshakeable.

Important factors to consider before building a brand:

  • Analyze your abilities and choose Niche.
  • Be genuine because people don’t like fake peoples.
  • If a personal brand is telling stories, half of the battle you have already won because people engage with the stories easily.
  • Speak only on one topic for quick brand recognition.
  • Create content consistently
  • Don’t afraid of failure, even it will make you better and aware.

The best and simple way to start your personal brand :

These days everyone talks about building the brand through social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, and many more…

But you know Facebook changes its algorithm and all your hard work gets screwd up because you don’t have control over that.

Will you prefer building your dream house on lease land or own land?

Definitely your answer will be your own land without any doubt.

So why to build your personal brands on someone’s other platforms which are not under your control?

You can take leverage from social media platforms but you can not rely on that only.

Best ways to start a personal brand are enumerated as below:-
  1. Blogging- The best and simple way to build a personal brand is blogging on a specific niche like Neil. The website is an asset and it’s your property no one can take it from you. But google also adjusts their algorithm and may get less traffic, still, you have control over it, unlike social media platforms.
  2. Podcast- Nowadays people are getting more into a podcast. Because it’s easy to listen to a podcast while commuting which saves time also. So, you should start a weekly podcast usually of 5-6 minutes.
  3. Create educational base videos- One of the best ways is to create educational content that the audience is already looking for. You need to do proper keyword research and SEO and also write the transcription of the content. The best channel to promote your videos is youtube but you can also share the clips on Facebook, Instagram, and tiktok.
  4. Conference and seminars- Nothing stands out better than words of mouth promotion. In conference and seminars, you get the chance to interact with your audience directly which builds credibility and maintain a strong emotional relation.
  5. Care for people- Instead of thinking about competitors always think for the betterment of customers. Give them value as much as you can by solving their problem. These days Quora is the best platform to solve the problems of people. It will help you in building a personal brand.
  6. Response- Responding to every comment helps in creating engagement which leads to better relationships.


Becoming the pro, or recognizing yourself as an expert in the industry doesn’t come overnight.

It’s going to take a lot of effort, hard work and consistency to get the position at the top.

But for sure it will give you one of the best returns of your life investment as a result.

You will have to learn new things, invest your time as well as money.

Be consistent in creating content and meet new people and explore yourself among them.

And the best way to avoid the mistake is to find a mentor.

Indeed, building a personal brand for a specific niche is a doable thing as long as you create content and put effort.

so, stop thinking much and start executing more.

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